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If it's one thing I hate about myself, it's the fact that I cry a whole motherfucking lot. I cry when I feel overwhelming happy or adored. I cry when I feel like I will crush under the weight of the world. I cry when I feel intensely angry. I cry when I think about the misfortunes of others. 

I was so strong when I was younger. I remember in high school being tough as nails. As soon as I graduated my toughness left me. Everything draws me to tears now! I always prided myself on my emotional strength but I oftentimes feel like I have lost it. Or maybe I'm finally becoming more "human"? I have been accused of being emotionless and a robot one too many times. I do have feelings! I really try not to show my feelings because I hold to the belief that emotions cause problems more than solve them. But the older I get the harder it is to hide them...