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Lo que no es querido siempre queda atrás

I made accounts on OKCupid and POF again and have made contact with some interesting boys. So far the one I like the most is named Cesar and he travels for a living. That is like my DREAM! But that's not going to come true for me :(

The PD job called me again today asking about my references again. Apparently they have been waiting for a reply from Claudia but she wasn't returning their calls at all. I was told they actually got in touch with the head of HR at my job. Yikes! I gave them Carlos Trueba's number and 3 other numbers. I am so sure they will hire me. They said this reference check is what is keeping them from "continuing the process"... Oh my gosh this job would absolutely turn the game around. I could potentially go to law school for free. And I could very well consider this to be an internship and not a job. Omg!!!

Kendra came back to Miami for a few days and I already saw her. We're trying to coordinate meet-ups with Monica and Andrea.

I am trying to get more into modeling but it just is not panning out for me. I want to do fetish modeling but it just never works out. I need money dammit! Especially when
September rolls around, I have to start paying back my student loans then. :(

Why must America punish young people for trying to make something of themselves? It's so unfair how the people who don't amount to shit live the good life. Here I am trying to make something out of myseld but a young thug has to pay back 50k to the US government.

All of my favorite songs are sad in nature. Would this make me a sad person?